The Anticipatory Organization System

How did Uber revolutionize the taxi business and disrupt an entire industry that is now taking on FedEx for deliveries?

The answer is Anticipation: the ability to foresee growing problems, disruptions, customer needs and new opportunities. In today’s business environment, the only constant variable is “change.” Businesses that are able to predict change—and that have the confidence to act on what we call HARD TRENDS—have the biggest advantage in tomorrow’s market.

The Anticipatory Organization Learning System is a training process for executives and their teams to develop the skills to accurately foresee and take critical actions before disruption strikes.

What is the Anticipatory Organization® Learning System?

The Anticipatory Organization Learning System is a revolutionary process that teaches you a new competency to elevate your strategies and migrate teams to the mindset of Anticipation in all that they do. Developing the competency of Anticipation is a powerful enhancement for organizations who have adopted other process improvement methods like Agile, Lean, Six Sigma and others. The program focuses on four key areas of development:

The Anticipatory Organization™ System

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