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What if instead of hindsight leading your business growth, you had STRATEGIC foresight?

I want to become an Anticipatory Leader!

Take Advantage of Hidden Opportunities in Your Business and Stay Ahead of The Competition

Dear Fellow Business Leader:

Whether you’re building your own business empire as an entrepreneur or working to take a corporation to the next level, one thing is clear: Disruption is everywhere.

We are well beyond the days when you could expect your business to operate in exactly the same way for decades and continue to profit and grow. It’s no longer enough to simply recognize change as it happens. It’s not even enough to react and adapt to that change. Disruption – from shifting consumer habits to ever-changing technology – forces us to constantly develop solutions and stay ahead of the competition.

The way we approach the rapid-fire changes our organizations face will play a critical role in our success as entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders!

What if you could predict the future... and be right?

You work harder (and put more hours into your work) than anyone else you know. You want to provide the best possible life for your family, and to be remembered as a true visionary by your colleagues, so you’re willing to outwork everyone around you. The precious time you have away from work, you want to spend with your family, which is a reason why you strive for excellence!

But you know that elevating yourself as a leader isn’t as easy as it used to be. You know that you need to invest in training in order to secure your future as a leader and to stay ahead of the competition.

The answer isn’t another “must attend” workshop or YouTube personality promising you grand revelations that will skyrocket you to success overnight. If you’re like most business professionals, you might have invested a TON of time and money into a few of these, only to come away with nothing of real value. After a few days of thinly-disguised sales pitches from the stage, super-basic “training,” and half-hearted networking, you’re left wishing that you’d spent the time at home with your family instead!

Figuring everything out on your own doesn’t work either. Every day, we’re bombarded with all kinds of articles, podcasts, videos, and news media telling us how to stay on top of trends. After a while, it all just sort of becomes meaningless noise!

You only have limited time during your day to sort through that “noise” and identify the techniques and insights that will actually help you make your mark as an innovative leader. So how are we supposed to do this?

The answer is simple: Tap into the wisdom and experience of someone with decades of experience helping business professionals. Someone who knows how to not only navigate change, but how to see it coming before anyone else.

As a consultant with over 30 years of experience, I’ve seen the need for real, actionable strategies to help business leaders like you anticipate disruption and choose the best strategies to do much more than just weather the disruption, but to capitalize on it.

I created a training system that gives forward-thinking leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs a thorough education in how to fulfill their potential and create meaningful change in their organizations and industries.

Introducing The Anticipatory Leader System

The Anticipatory Leader System is a forward-driven, results-focused training made for those who want to be truly extraordinary and who are willing to put the time and effort into infusing their organizations with that knowledge so that they can turn any challenge into opportunity, no matter what comes their way.

Do not just react to disruption, proactively plan for it to fuel unprecedented success!

How is The Anticipatory Leader System different from other training systems?

Why is The Anticipatory Leader System the best investment of your time and money, when others have promised you the world?

  • You get a serious competitive advantage that even seasoned business leaders lack. Most programs and workshops focus on agility, which revolves around reacting to disruption as it surfaces. But, as you’ve probably learned from experience, merely reacting is not enough to stay ahead of the curve. In the Anticipatory Leader System, you’ll discover how to sniff out disruptive trends before they ever happen and identify the ones that will impact your business the most. And you’ll learn how to take strategic steps to address these trends before your competitors have any idea what’s happening!
  • You will learn at your own pace, so you don’t have to take time away from your business. Typically, attending an in-person workshop requires being away from day-to-day operations for days or even weeks. And even most online training resources are aggressively paced, which means you have to give up precious hours each day to take advantage of them. With The Anticipatory Leader System, you can learn and implement quickly without neglecting your business. The training videos are only 3-5 minutes each, and the exercises that accompany each module can be completed quickly.
  • You get a results-oriented learning approach. With each lesson, you’ll get building blocks you’ll use to implement what you learned in your work instead of having to wait until you’ve completed the entire course.
  • You can easily build an anticipatory culture in your organization with our collaborative approach. Our online learning system features a collaborative element in which you meet with your team after completing each module to share what you’ve learned with others, and to identify ways in which you can anticipate opportunities and obstacles as a team.
  • You can accelerate innovation through strategic planning. Our learning system stimulates growth and improves positioning by focusing on two key areas of innovation: Everyday and exponential innovation. This dual approach allows you to plan effectively and reduces wasted time, allowing you and your organization to outstrip your competition at every turn!

You’re also getting the experience of a seasoned business veteran who understands opportunities of disruption.

I want to become an Anticipatory Leader!

Daniel Burrus

My name is Daniel Burrus, and I have more than 30 years of experience as a business consultant. During that time, I’ve helped countless emerging leaders take their organizations to new heights by teaching them how to correctly predict disruption. I’ve worked with leaders from the Pentagon, numerous Fortune 500 companies, and heads of State to give them the power to anticipate change and use it to their advantage. Also, I have written 7 bestselling books and thousands of articles designed to help leaders and organizations spot and act on Hard Trends and Soft Trends before they happen.

I have started six companies, five were profitable in their first year and four were national leaders in their first year. I don’t just write about it, I apply it! My experience and insights will reshape how you think about the future in your business, and will give you the leverage you need to make a meaningful impact in your company and your industry!

In this course, I'll show you how to reliably predict the future and use it to your advantage!

Right now, you have a choice to make. You can react to problems and disruptions to your life, your career, and your organization after they happen, or you can tap into this unique learning system that will empower you with the ability to accurately foresee disruptive change and game-changing opportunities and utilize it to lead your team and your company to greater success and competitive advantage.

If you’re truly committed to taking control of your future and making a massive impact with your work, tap into the proven wisdom, insights, and processes of the Anticipatory Leader System, and discover the advantage that will allow you to actively shape a better future for your organization, your team, and yourself!

Complete the simple registration process and start developing your new, anticipatory mindset today. Remember, this is a self-paced learning system, so you can move through the modules as your schedule permits.

I look forward to helping you use the principles and strategies inside this learning system to propel yourself to greater success!

Daniel Burrus

I want to become an Anticipatory Leader!

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