Know What’s Next Magazine Bundle Vol. 10 & Vol. 11

Strategies for Transforming Your Business and Future by Daniel Burrus

In today’s world of technology–driven change, it has never been more important to Know What’s Next!

Technology is transforming how we sell, market, communicate, collaborate, innovate and educate. In this important annual publication, Daniel Burrus leading technology forecaster, strategist, and NYT & WSJ best selling author of Flash Foresight and his latest book, The Anticipatory Organization, shares what lies ahead as well as business and personal strategies that you can use to keep ahead of the competition.

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In this bundle you will receive both VOL. 10 and VOL. 11 issues, and have access to the following articles written exclusively by Daniel Burrus:

  • Anticipatory Leaders Leverage Future Facts™
  • Control Your New Normal with a Focus on Significance
  • 5G Is Far Bigger Than Faster Smartphones
  • Find Certainty in an Uncertain Future
  • The 3 Pillars of Manufacturing: Anticipation, Innovation, Collaboration
  • Pivoting Helped You Survive. What Will It Take to Thrive?
  • The Secret to Brand Longevity? The answer may inspire you.
  • Think Bigger: Turn the Pandemic into a Panoramic View
  • Leverage Disruptions and Elevate Your Brand Image
  • Collaboration in Times of Need
  • Innovation & Customer Devotion: 4 Keys to Keeping Your Ratings High
    • Digital Disruption and Your Workforce
    • Innovation: Everyone’s Responsibility
    • Will A.I. Disrupt Your Profession?
    • The Power of Anticipatory Customer Service
    • 5 Sales Strategies Not Found in How-to Books
    • Elevate Your Success with Five Simple Steps
    • Success in Manufacturing with Multigenerational Collaboration
    • Hard Trend Are Easy to Find If You Know Where to Look
    • Protecting Your Intellectual Property, Products and Brand
    • 4 Questions of World-Class Entrepreneurs
    • 12 Technology Categories That Will Transform Careers and Create New Opportunities

    Don’t delay, once you have this publication in hand you will have the insights you need to creatively apply technology to increase profits, to innovate rather than imitate, and to make a changing environment your competitive advantage.

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