Flash Foresight Package

Flash Foresight:

How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible

New York Times & Wall Street Journal Best Seller by Daniel Burrus

Seven Radical Principles That Will Transform Your Business

Flash Foresight has already changed how many of the world’s largest companies plan and innovate. It’s required reading for executives from a growing number of Fortune 500 companies because being agile and lean is good, but it is no longer enough in a business environment with daily disruption and increasing competition. Noted visionary, technology forecaster and business strategist Daniel Burrus says it takes something more — the ability to generate a sudden burst of insight about the future and use it to produce a new and radically different way of doing things — solving problems, crafting must-have products, creating high-demand services or building new businesses.

The Flash Foresight Package includes:

  • A one-year electronic subscription to the Technotrends Newsletter (read by executives world-wide)
  • A copy of Daniel Burrus’ Flash Foresight book
  • And a copy of his Know What’s Next Magazine Vol. 11

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