Transformation Accelerator Package

The Transformation Accelerator Package will equip you with the ability to   identify  Hard Trends and act on disruptions  before  they disrupt. Pre-solve problems  before  they occur and anticipate customer needs  before   your  competition. As a result, disruptive change becomes a major competitive advantage for you!

The Transformation Accelerator  Package includes:

  • Flash Foresight Hardcover Book - signed by Daniel Burrus
  • The Anticipatory Organization Hardcover Book - signed by Daniel Burrus
  • Know What’s Next Magazine - Vol. 13, new for 2024!
  • Anticipatory Organization Mem Cards

Digital transformation has accelerated 5 to 10 years in a matter of months, which has created new levels of exponential opportunities to accelerate growth. As digital transformation continues to accelerate, reacting and responding to change, no matter how agile you are, is no longer good enough. 

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