Anticipatory Leader Starter Pack

Our special value package contains the information and tools you need to begin gaining valuable insights to leap ahead of the competition and position yourself to take advantage of lucrative unseen opportunities.

What You Get:

The Anticipatory Organization Mem Card Deck - $29.95 value

25 Proven Ways to Accelerate Innovation and Transform Results This handy deck of credit-card sized Mem Cards puts Daniel Burrus' 25 Proven Strategies to Accelerate Innovation and Transform Results in your hands. They're all based on the book, The Anticipatory Organization.

  Know What's Next Magazine VOL. 13 - $9.95 value (New for 2024!)

Strategies For Transforming Your Business And Future By Daniel Burrus

In Today’s World Of Technology–Driven Change, It Has Never Been More Important To Know What’s Next!

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