Know What’s Next Magazine Vol. 13 - New for 2024!

Strategies for Transforming Your Business and Future by Daniel Burrus

In today’s world of technology–driven change, it has never been more important to Know What’s Next!

An annual publication designed for forward-thinking individuals seeking to harness technology-driven changes for business and personal growth. This volume features exclusive articles by Burrus on topics including generative AI's impact on work and creativity, cyber resilience, AI-empowered human workforces, innovative leadership, and anticipating future market shifts. It offers strategic insights for leveraging technology to stay competitive, innovate, and transform challenges into advantages. Available in digital and print formats, it's a guide for adapting and thriving in a dynamically evolving world.

In the VOL. 13 issue, you will have access to the following articles written exclusively by Daniel Burrus:

  • Unpacking Generative AI: The Future of Work, Education, and Creativity
  • The Anticipatory Leader's Guide to Cyber Resilience
  • The Future of Work: Humans Empowered by AI and the Integrated Workplace
  • Retirement Reinvented: Learn More and Serve Others for a Prosperous Future!
  • Significance Over Success: 7 Steps to Extraordinary Leadership
  • Unlock Future Markets: Decommoditizing for Tomorrow
  • Anticipating Change: Staying Ahead in a Dynamic World
  • The Futureview® Factor: A Blueprint for Employee Retention
  • 3 Imperatives for International Leadership in a Shifting Workforce Landscape
  • Anticipating the Future: A New Imperative for Business
  • Multiple Generations. One Dynamic Workforce

      Don’t delay, once you have this publication in hand you will have the insights you need to creatively apply technology to increase profits, to innovate rather than imitate, and to make a changing environment your competitive advantage.

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